Seminar about Farm Animal Welfare and Fitness for Transportation and Slaughter

On September 13th the Baltic Animal Welfare Network together with the Ministry of Agriculture in Riga hosted a seminar about farm animal welfare and fitness for transportation and slaughter, carried out with financial support from the Swedish Institute. 105 participants from seven countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark) took part in the seminar. The State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture opened the seminar and welcomed the participants. Representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania talked about welfare problems around transport and slaughter in their home countries. The Seminar continued with presentations from Swedish and Norwegian speaker about assessment of fitness for transport and slaughter, handling of animals not fit for transport or slaughter, humane slaughter at farm level, legislation and food safety during on farm slaughter. There was also a presentation about DISA, free educational material on the web about humane slaughter and killing of animals

Click here for presentations (PDF):

Evaluation of the fitness of animals for tranport

Slaughterhouses and veterinarians

Food safety during on farm slaughter

Animal welfare during slaughter or killing of cattle at farm level