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1. Articles in journals

1.1. Articles indexed by Thomson Reuters Web of Science and/or published in journals indexed by ERIH (European Reference Index of the Humanities) categories A and B;

Dijkstra, C.; Veermäe, I.; Praks, J.; Poikalainen, V.; Arney, D.R. (2012). Dairy Cow Behaviour and Welfare Implications of Time Waiting Before Entry into the Milking Parlour. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 15(4), 329 - 345.

Harzia, Hedi; Kilk, Kalle; Ariko, Tiia; Kass, Marko; Soomets, Ursel; Jõudu, Ivi; Kaart, Tanel; Arney, David; Kärt, Olav; Ots, Meelis (2013). Crude glycerol as a glycogenic precursor in feed: effects on milk coagulation properties and metabolic profiles of dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Research , x - x. [forthcoming]

Kass, Marko; Ariko, Tiia; Kaart, Tanel; Rihma, Eve; Ots, Meelis; Arney, David; Kärt, Olav (2012). Effect of replacement of barley meal with crude glycerol on lactation performance of primiparous dairy cows fed a grass silage-based diet. Livestock Science, 150(1-3), 240 - 247.

Dijkstra, C.; Veermäe, I.; Praks, J.; Poikalainen, V.; Arney, D.R. (2012). Dairy Cow Behaviour and Welfare Implications of Time Waiting Before Entry into the Milking Parlour. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 15(4), 329 - 345.

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1.2. Peer-reviewed articles in other international research journals with an ISSN code and international editorial board, which are circulated internationally and open to international contributions; articles of ERIH category C;

Poikalainen, V.; Praks, J.; Veermäe, I.; Kokin, E. (2012). Infrared temperature patterns of cow’s body as an indicator for health control at precision cattle farming. Agronomy Research, 10, 187 - 194.

Frorip, Juri; Kokin, Eugen; Praks, Jaan; Poikalainen, Väino; Ruus, Aime; Veermäe, Imbi; Lepasalu, Lembit; Schäfer, Winfried; Mikkola, Hannu; Ahokas, Jukka (2012). Energy consumption in animal production - case farm study. Agronomy Research, 11, 39 - 48.

Ruus, Aime; Poikalainen, Väino; Praks, Jaan; Veermäe, Imbi; Teye, Frederick; Hautala, Mikko; Ahokas, Jukka (2010). Indoor Air Temperature and Ventilation in Uninsulated Loose Housing Cowsheds with Different Types of Non-Transparent Roofing in Hot Summer. Agronomy Research, 8(1), 255 - 262.

Poikalainen, V.; Praks, J.; Kokin, E.; Aland, A.; Veermäe, I.; Peets, S.; Ahokas, J.; Pastell, M.; Hautala, M.; Berckmans, D.; Bahr, C.; Miljkovic, D. (2010). Elaboration of basic methods for automatic analysis of cows’ gait. Agronomy Research, 8(1), 216 - 225.

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1.3. Articles in Estonian and other peer-reviewed research journals with a local editorial board; scientific articles in journals important for Estonian culture Akadeemia, Looming, Vikerkaar.

Miller, I..; Järvis, T. (2003). Kodusiga kui oluline lüli inimeste trihhinelloosi haigestumise ahelas. Agraarteadus : journal of agricultural science : Akadeemilise Põllumajanduse Seltsi väljaanne, 14(3), 168 - 171.

Pajumägi, A.; Veermäe, I.; Miljan, J.; Praks, J.; Poikalainen, V. (2003). Soojustamata vabapidamislauda sisekliima. Agraarteadus, 14(1), 35 - 47.

Järvis, T.; Miller, I. (2002). Keeritsussid loomadel ja inimestel Eestis. Agraarteadus : journal of agricultural science : Akadeemilise Põllumajanduse Seltsi väljaanne, 15, 266 - 270.

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Miller, I.; Järvis, T.; Pihlak, R.; Zilmer, K.; Ott, K.; Plank, S. (2001). Inimeste kliinilise trihhinelloosi juhtudest Eestis. Eesti Arst, 80(10), 463 - 467.

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